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Since 2000, LF «Glovak & Partners» has been supporting its clients with law service in all branches of law. Our main task is to understand and satisfy Your requirements. That is the point that moves us in dynamic progress and makes our team be increased. We widen the geography of our activity. Based on 2016, our firm was supported by more than 50 professionals – experienced lawyers, economists and analysts. We did our best to see a representative of our team in every regional centre on the territory of Ukraine and formed the constant offices in Ternopil, Kyiv and Lviv.

At the beginning of 2017, we have broadened our services on diasporas of Great Britain and Italy. Our aim is to follow the way of spreading among the world in order to make more facilities to our clients.

We provide You with a deep legal expertise of any situation, accounting all risks and potential of your start up or ongoing project, making huge fundament for business and invest, supporting with legal advice and representation while solving any problems of different level of complication.

Philosophy of our firm

Our increasement is for Your success. To achieve the highest quality of legal service is our target. We try to form comfortable space in all fields of Your activity and make the opportunity for overcoming any obstacles on the path for realization of Your business projects.


The main criterion of our service is the result-orientation work. We start dealing with the project exactly knowing the target and the way of performing our duties. We show you all the potential of legal opportunities on the path to your target and predict You with all possible risks in order to make the most beneficial decisions. Having chosen us as your legal counsel You will get reliable support and protection.

Social responsibility

Our aim is to make a law as a tool for law service and make the knowledge be available to everybody. That is the reason we actively support the popularization of legal knowledge among schools, institutions, NGO’s and local initiatives. We want to make our legal service available to everybody and sypport the legal laboratory that is specialized in providing free of charge legal support and NGO’s with qualified support. We know that only highly educated people can form strong and well-being society.

Field of activity Our services

Our company works for creating new unique approaches for solving legal business tasks. We always listen attentively to our partners in order to understand their values and needs.


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