Ruslana Verbytska
Ruslana VerbytskaParalegal, HR specialist
+38 068 057 04 02


  • Viacheslav Chornovil Halytsyi College, speciality “law” (Ternopil, 2013-2016).
  • Today she is a student of KROK University of Economics and Law (Kyiv).

Joined the team of professional lawyers of law firm “Glovak & Partners” in 2017 as a paralegal and HR-specialist.

Fields of practice:

  • labour law;
  • civil law;
  • family law;
  • contractual law;

Ruslana is experienced in providing legal advice towards labour legislation and legal aspects in human resources activity, making the projects of the agreement, documents of regulations, legal summaries and the representation of Clients’ interest in all instances of a court.

  • She is responsible for the legal assistance of recovery procedure based on the enforcement documents, etc.
  • One of the main branches of her work is legal support in organization of human resource management of physical and legal entities, in particular the pipeline of contractual base, reporting towards human resource activities, solving the problems connected with salary and the conditions of work organizations.

Our company works for creating new unique approaches for solving legal business tasks. We always listen attentively to our partners in order to understand their values and needs.


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