Volodymyr Glovak
Volodymyr GlovakFounder, managing partner of the Law firm, attorney
  • 14 year legal experience on the legal service market;
  • 10 year experience of the legal support of the activity of business entity;
  • More than seven thousand hours of the assertion of clients’ interests in negotiations and courts in economic, administrative, civil issues;
  • More than 10 year experience in the field of contractual work and more than three thousand prepared legal deals;
  • More than 8 year experience with legal support of banks and financial institutions;
  • 7 years of managing activity (on the positions of the head of the legal department of the state institution, bank and the leader of the law firm).

Our company works for creating new unique approaches for solving legal business tasks. We always listen attentively to our partners in order to understand their values and needs.


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