Price policy

    Price for the legal advice in oral form:

  • from 500 UAH per hour.

    Price for an hour of people resource activity taking into account the level of qualification and the complicity of the task.

  • 1600 uah – legal assistant;
  • 3200 uah – lawyer;
  • 4800 uah – senior lawyer;
  • 8000 uah – partne.

    Court representation


    1) according to the hourly wage prices that is mentioned above and bonus in amount of + 7-15%

    2) fixed price - 1,5% + 7-15% (based on the agreement) from the result of an entity case but no less than:

  • from 14 000 uah – representation in court of the first instances;
  • from 8000 uah – representation in court of the appeal instances;
  • from 5000 uah – representation in a court of cassation.

Representation of the client’s interests in the enforcement proceedings:

from 14 000 uah + 5-7% based on the agreement) from the actual amount of money that is recovered (saved)*.

* The percentage doesn’t have to be paid in the case of ordering a full pack accompaniment of representation in the court.

Our company works for creating new unique approaches for solving legal business tasks. We always listen attentively to our partners in order to understand their values and needs.


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